In addition to the core services under the ‘Services’ tab, we offer these other niche services:

Long Term Preservation
Economies of scale often dictate the purchase of products and sub-assemblies in large quantities. As such, products may be stored for extended periods of time before they’re shipped to the ultimate user. Every end user wants to receive product in "as-new" condition— and so arises the challenge of preserving items in such condition that they appear to have been made yesterday.

Venchurs knows how to enhance and extend shelf life through the use of preservatives and creative packaging. We’re equipped to apply oil, cosmoline, fluids, and other corrosion-inhibiting coatings. Our methods for applying these materials span a full range of effective techniques including spraying, immersion, conveyor, and brush. All of our processes and materials are environmentally responsible.

Once preservative materials have been applied, we’re equipped to further protect your products by encasing them in corrosion-inhibiting paper, protective films, and vacuum sealing, and including desiccant material to absorb moisture. We also offer climate-controlled storage areas.

All of these steps add up to careful and thorough preservation of your products throughout their shipment to local, national, or even international destinations, and until they’re put into service.

Brand Management and Logo Removal
Our skilled workers can carefully remove all types of identifying marks, from printed or painted markings to molded- and cast-in characters. Our people skillfully grind, polish or otherwise obscure these markings, leaving a surface carefully matched to the surrounding area with little or no trace of their work.

We can also repackage or repaint your identifying marks on nearly any kind of product, large or small, and we’re fully equipped to produce and apply UPC bar code labels. We’re always happy to provide samples, for your evaluation, of your product with markings removed.

Vendor Managed Inventory
Many of our customers have cultivated both economies of scale and ordering efficiencies by tasking us with complete management of inventory, especially when their offerings include a variety of components from various sources. We’re able to provide complete supply chain management when customers provide us with bills of materials and often, but not always, approved vendor lists. We produce forecasts, issue purchase orders, coordinate deliveries, receive and package components, and then ship them as needed.

Because we perform all these tasks on a regular basis, we’re able to achieve high inventory turns and order fill rates while keeping costs down. And while some of our customers’ sources can be unreliable or non-competitive, we’re able to identify, qualify, and contract new suppliers who will meet our high standards for quality, cost-competitiveness, and on-time delivery.

Our sophisticated IT hardware and software and experienced inventory control specialists allow us to continually adjust our planning and activities to meet changing business conditions and market factors.

Another key ingredient to our successful management of the supply chain is access to our Vendor Service Portal. This portal allows Venchurs to effectively collaborate with the supply base by providing a single point for electronic communication, as well as real-time information regarding our suppliers' quality, delivery, and cost performance. Our customers also have 24/7 access to the status of their orders throughout the supply chain.

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